Sunshine Agro Products Limited

Sunshine Agro Products Limited


Mission: The mission of the company is “doing business and doing good”

Objective: The Objective of the company is to “promote agro export oriented growth and sustainable food production”

Aim: The aim of the company is to help transform small holder agriculture from ‘subsistance to commercial farming’ while making individual contract farmers take up ‘farming as a business’

Vision: The vision of the company is that “everyone must have access to means for a decent livelihood”. Hence the company works with people who live in the rural areas, in extreme poverty and who are ‘locked into subsistence and out of the market’, to provide them ‘means for decent livelihoods’ through incomes generated from agricultural products

Philosophy: The philosophy of the company is to ensure that production takes place within strict ethical guidelines by applying production methods that: respect the environment; are close and mutually beneficial to the farmers; are socially responsible and ensures and promotes fair trade and nurtures the employee team. At the center of our philosophy is the idea of "Social Business" to end poverty.

A Social Business means that instead of measuring the company’s financial profits alone, we measure success by their positive social impact on the farmers, specifically how the business helps them improve their livelihoods. So the philosophy of Sunshine rotates around reaching the poorest, doing business, doing good and making a big difference for those who are usually excluded.