Sunshine Agro Products Limited

Sunshine Agro Products Limited

Quality Control

Quality starts in the field – with the farmer! We at Sunshine monitor the entire production value chain: We closely select good planting material, monitor farmers in field during planting, crop production management, harvest management and field crop drying. All our herbs are purchased fresh from the farmers and dried in our hygienic solar dryers where we control the entire post-harvest processing – cleaning, blending, packaging and storing of herbs, spices and herbal infusions.

With high hygienic management systems in place, our products are guaranteed to pass ASTA, FDA as well as ESA specifications for cleanliness, microbiology, pesticide residues and mycotoxins…


We are in the final year of conversion into organic in the farm and in the process of obtaining Organic and HACCP certificates. Our products are Global GAP certified. We shall also soon obtain ISO 22000Certificate.

Certificate of analysis

We provide certificates of analysis from accredited international laboratories. Our products are divided in Lots and each Lot goes through laboratory analyses using laboratories that use certified analytical methodologies for a complete microbial and contaminant controls.


Our products are currently transported to the EU for steam sterilization and packaging for end consumer products is outsourced to contract packers. Soon Sunshine will install its steam sterilization facility in Uganda.


Our products are fully traceable to the origin. Each product is given a lot number for easy traceability.